Thinking about adopting a dog?

You are an animal lover who wants to make the compassionate decision to adopt. But while your heart may be ready to shower a dog with love, its important to consider whether you have enough time, space and money to  add a new member to your family.

Consider your lifestyle……..

Do you work? Do you travel?

Consider your current and future lifestyle, can you care for a dog for its lifespan?

Consider your wallet…….

Consider the costs of food, bedding, grooming, pet insurance, holiday care for when you are away.

Don’t forget there is always the unexpected vet bills.

Consider the time required…...

Dogs need exercise, long walks and playing games. 

Make sure you have the time to give your dog the exercise it needs, in all weathers!

Consider the effort involved……..

All dogs will need continuous training and development.

They need to be set clear rules and boundaries, and socialised, and you need to make sure you have the time and patience to devote to training.

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