What happens next?

So you may have seen a dog you like, and want to find out more about our adoption process.

Often rescue charities have been accused of making this process too difficult, but we have a responsibility to keep these dogs safe and ensure their future is a safe and secure one. We are not a perfect rescue. there is no such thing, but we learn from our mistakes and ensure we do all we can to avoid it happening again. Therefore we have developed our home check process to minimise risks to our dogs safety, and to make the match between the adopter and the dog as happy and harmonious as possible.

Please read the article ‘Dolly’s Law‘ written in memory of a little dog called Dolly who was tragically killed.

Telephone Contact

There are many ways to get in touch, you can call us on 07899 844524 or 07788 251197, email us at saferescue@hotmail.co.uk or fill in our application form. Please be aware that we are all volunteers, and although we do our best to respond to you quickly, there can sometimes be a short delay. Please, if you phone us, do so between 9am and 6pm.

At this point, one of our team will discuss your interest in applying to adopt or foster. We will ask some questions about you and your household, your working arrangements, any current pets in the home, your garden and any other details that might be relevant. We will also take the names of any of our dogs that you might be interested in.

If there is a dog you are interested in adopting, we will then ask the foster carer for that dog to call you. You can then have a chat and find out more about the dog from the person who is currently caring for them, who will know all about them. The foster carer will also ask you some questions, as they will want to make sure that you can offer the right home for the dog. 

The Home Check

The purpose of a home check is to assess, the best we can, whether your home and garden can offer a dog a safe and secure environment. Our home checker will also go through a short form with you to ensure that you have thought about all of the commitments involved in offering a home to a rescue dog.

To prepare for a home check, please consider:

  •  Do you have a secure garden? We require a minimum of 5ft. Hedging needs to be wired. Ask yourself, can a dog escape anywhere?
  •  Do you have the time and patience to continue with the dogs training and development?
  • Do you have to leave a dog for long periods of time? 
  • If you live in rented accomodation, are you allowed to keep pets? Do you have this in writing?

If you would like to discuss any of the above, or have any further questions about the home check process please check our information pages, ‘Adoption FAQs‘ and ‘Your New Rescue Dog‘ which gives some handy tips and advice. If you can’t find the answer here, please contact us.

Meeting the Dog

Once your home check has been approved, you can then arrange to meet the dog you are interested in. 


When you have chosen your new dog, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract. 

Please see the links below to view our adoption terms and conditions.


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