Teddy is a cocker spaniel cross of around fifteen months old who came into our care a few months ago and was very quickly rehomed. Despite having no history of aggression in previous home or in our foster home, unfortunately Teddy’s behaviour grew rapidly worse a few weeks into the home resulting in the adopter having to make the devastating decision to return him to us. He has been in careful assessment for the last few weeks and has been an absolute pleasure and we feel that in the right experienced home Teddy can be a lovely addition to the household.

So here is what we are looking for, and we know he’s cute and looks like butter wouldn’t melt but if this is not what you can offer please don’t get in touch because we are not going to be persuaded to compromise. Teddy needs an experienced and active home, he needs a “job” whether that be agility or companion for a dog walker that will keep him active all day or similar is open for discussion. He needs an adult home. Teddy does not get on with cats but he does love other dogs and a multi dog household not only seems to suit him well but also means he will not be spoiled with attention. He is not a dog that can be mollycoddled and babied, he needs firm rules and boundaries and he needs to know that he is not in any way in charge.

In his current foster home he loves to run and run in the woods. He will get his little nose down and zig zag all over the place but his recall is good and he will stop in his tracks to return to his foster home when called. This is an intelligent and affectionate little dog but he needs to be kept busy, he needs training from the start to only be allowed on furniture on his humans terms and not in humans beds at all.

Teddy is fostered in Norwich, Norfolk.

Our adoption fee is £270, they are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered).

If you are interested please message or call between 9am to 5pm Mon – Fri or 9am to 4pm Sat. Tel 07788251197 / 07899844524.

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