Conny is a German Shepherd or close cross. Her passport claims her to be nine years old but she may be a couple of years younger.

Conny led a life of abuse in Romania before coming to us almost two years ago. For a long time she was so terrified of humans that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. It’s been a long road but she’s now ready for the right home.

Conny is now a comical and affectionate girl with those she loves. Food is her first love and her passion for treats drives her to interact with people quicker than I ever thought she would. Conny is a very special dog to us and we would like people to read her full story before picking up the phone, which you can find on our Facebook page. It’s so important to know the extent of what she’s been through to understand how important it is to give her time to adjust when she’s adopted.

Conny needs a home with at least one other dog and no young children. She also needs a home where her weight can be monitored as she’s now somewhat podgy and definitely doesn’t need to get any fatter. She LOVES her walks and it is easy to balance out the giving of treats to earn her friendship to running off the calories afterwards.

Our adoption fee is £300, they are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered).

If you are interested please message or call between 9am to 5pm Mon – Fri or 9am to 4pm Sat. Tel 07788251197 / 07899844524.

Ref conny,0318142 DOB 18/04/09


Fostered in Norfolk (FR007)

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