Policy Statement

To the Potential Adopter , please read the statement below .

ALL safe rescue dogs unless because of a medical condition must wear Slip leads INDEFINETLY whenever they are walked and it will be a condition of adoption otherwise adoption will not take place. A harness can be used in ADDITION to the Slip lead but not instead of.

All Dogs must be collected on adoption in secure metal crates – without a crate the adoption will not take place

No Stopping on way home because dog is crying or upset – DO NOT get the dog out of the crate until you are in your home.

Safe Rescue offers full Rescue backup for the dogs lifetime and Safe Rescue MUST be made aware of any arising problems / complaints and will always provide FREE advice and help.

Under NO circumstances is any Safe Rescue dog to be passed onto a 3rd party or sold on and that Safe Rescue must be informed if you cannot keep the dog for any reason.

Safe Rescue reserves the right after the homecheck to have 24-48 hours to decide whether the potential home is the correct home for the dog and the applicant will be notified after this time.

These are our policies and they are there to keep our dogs safe – if you are uncomfortable with these please do not proceed with your enquiry

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