Bernie is ‘Dog of the Week’

Bernie is on the smaller side of a medium sized crossbreed who we believe to be around ten years old.

Bernie has had a sadly neglected life that is all too common a story to tell. Just another Romanian street dog captured by the dog catchers years ago and left forgotten in shelters for year after year. As his existence stretched on I’m sure he gave up hope of any kind of fulfillment years ago.

His time is now, as at last the light at the end of the tunnel has brought him to all the comfort and luxury of a foster home while we seek out a very special forever home for him. After years of noisy, filthy shelters all we ask for him is some peace, quiet and a family who will spoil him rotten in his twilight years. He is a quiet and unassuming boy who loves a fuss but will not push himself forward in a crowd for it. He lives happily with a cat and dog in his foster home. If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm
Tel 07788251197
Tel 07899844524


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Calling all Rescuers in UK & Romania: Please Read!

A couple of years ago a remarkable situation evolved in Romania where one weekend Cristina Blaj removed over 200 dogs from a shelter where they were due to be killed. What was incredible was that the pens for these dogs were being built as the dogs were being moved and what was achieved in that weekend was like something from DIY SOS, it really was amazing. Theses dogs became known to us all as the Mizil dogs and we have steadily taken as many as we possibly could into our rescue since then. Two years on and there are only around thirty of those dogs left on her property but their lives are now in danger again.

Cristina has been fighting the local authorities for some time but has lost three court cases and now must get down to a mere ten dogs on the property which she has more than aside from the Mizil gang. At any day now the authorities could turn up with the dog catchers and remove these already scared dogs from Cristina’s care and take them to a fate we can’t even bare to think about.

I cannot sit back and let it end this way for Cristina or those dogs without at least trying to help. We are looking for places of safety for these dogs and it needs to happen now. All of the Mizil dogs are wary of humans due to their experiences but all of them come good when they are in a one to one environment and with just a little effort we have had some truly special dogs through our doors. 

This story is too remarkable to not have a happy ending for each and every dog and if we can get a few rescues to step up and agree to help just one or two of them we can achieve it. Anyone in rescue can imagine the feeling of desolation for Cristina if these dogs get seized, imagine yourself in her shoes as those vans drive away and please find it in your heart to help just one dog xx

Dolly is dog of the week!

Dolly is a six year old wire haired terrier.
Dolly has been with us for a couple of years now and way back when she arrived she was quite the problem child! We had in fact withdrawn her from the adoption page and felt that her willful ways rendered her unadoptable so we made her a sponsor dog and kept her in our care indefinitely.
Recently Dolly’s situation has changed somewhat and we now feel that just maybe there’s better options out there for her. Dolly is an extremely loving little lap dog who is very devoted to her family and loves to gain all the attention she possibly can. A recent accident resulted in an irreparable fracture in her front leg and our only option was to amputate. Prior to this I’d already felt that Dolly was mellowing with age and had debated trying to find a better home for her but her accident has really left me feeling that she would like a less rowdy home environment particularly while she gains confidence in three legs. During her recent vet visits Dolly was handled by a veterinary nurse who really just shrugged off Dolly’s terrier determination and said her own was just like her.
So here it is cards laid bare…… her issue is she does not like being told it made to do things she doesn’t want to (who does?) and will snap if manhandled in those situations. So if for example you want her to get off the bed or sofa or go in another room or out for a wee and she’s not wanting to you would need to get a lead and put on her to make her do this rather than put your hands on her to move her. She definitely still needs to be made to do as she’s told and not get her own way but there’s just strategies needed to get the desired result. 99.9% of the time she’s just a delight but that other .1% needs to be acknowledged and understood. Dolly gets on well with other dogs but hates cats and small animals. She travels well in a car and loves her walks. So if you’ve had a terrier with attitude before maybe you could give her a chance? If you are interested please call or message us between 9am and 6pm.

Tel 07788 251197 or 07899844524

If you’ve had a terrier with attitude before maybe you could give her a chance?
Dolly is an extremely loving little lap dog who is very devoted to her family

Safe Rescue Fundraising Auction

Come along to bid on some great items and raise funds for Safe Rescue For Dogs. Items up for auction include jewellery, vintage and retro items, vouchers, branded dog goods, Norfolk made furniture and lots more! BBQ and refreshments on site. Payments can be made by cash, paypal or bank transfer on the day. All auction proceeds go to the charity and are not subject to VAT.

Hal is dog of the week!

Over a year has passed since Hal came into our care and he still waits. Hal is a shy boy and this is likely why he hasn’t been chosen. The right caring and patient family is out there for him, we just hope he doesn’t have to wait too much longer 

Hal is fostered in Thetford. He is a wirey haired lurcher cross of around three years old.

Hal was first brought to our attention when we were shown a video of him in a public shelter in Romania. He was running from corner to corner, pitifully scared of everything and everyone in there. He arrived here with us still scared but soon learnt how to be more confident and enjoy himself.

He is still wary of strangers and needs an experienced and patient adopter who will continue to teach him about the kindness humans can offer. Hal needs a home with at least one other dog to play with that will teach him some confidence and continue to show him how to enjoy life. If you are interested please call or message us between 9am and 6pm 

Tel 07788 251197 
Tel 07899844524 
Hal,0092099 DOB 01/01/15

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Foster dog Nina wins Rosette!

Nina, who is fostered in Kings Lynn, won a rosette today in ‘Best Rescue’ class at Hunstanton Dog Show. Nina isn’t the most confident of dogs, so this is a massive achievement for her. Well done Nina!

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Mica is Dog of the Week!

Mica is a three year old medium sized crossbreed.
Her story is sadly a common one to tell. She was first spotted in a village in Romania when she was less than a year old. She was abused and persecuted by villagers which made her difficult for people who wanted to get her to safety to catch her. She had a litter of pups every season, most died and rescuers would take the survivors of each littler when they were old enough to find new homes. For over a year she evaded capture but finally she was caught and has been waiting in a private shelter ever since for a chance of a home.
Mica is the sweetest most loving dog I have in my care. She is initially wary of men and I’m pretty sure the fact that she has teeth missing on one side of her face could well be the root cause of those fears 🙁 She is sweet and gentle with me and now learning how to live in a home. Lead training is on going as she does ask for a reassuring hug every three to four steps at the moment 😉 Mica mixes well with the other dogs here though does not put up with any nonsense and I think she would be just as happy or happier as an only dog. 

Atom is Dog of the Week

Atom is Dog of the Week!

Atom is a large crossbreed dog, fostered in Norfolk. He looks like he has some kind of mountain dog in him. His passport states him to be eight years old but we feel he could be a little younger and estimate closer to six.

Atom has wasted the last couple of years waiting to be saved from the Radauti shelter in Romania. He has emerged miraculously unaffected by this ordeal and is just delighted at recent dramatic changes in his life.

Atom is a super friendly boy who appears totally unaware of how big he is. Efforts are being taken in his foster home to teach him not to not jump up but he certainly is not suitable for anyone in any way fragile! He just loves other dogs and lives happily in a multi dog household. He is very food orientated so training is made that bit easier. Lead training is also ongoing, he pulls like a train with slip lead but has made great progress with the addition of a Halti collar.

He is an adorable big bear, very loving and cuddly. You cannot help but love this overgrown fool, what he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in love and enthusiasm!

Romania Neutering Campaign

On April 3rd a group of the safe rescue team will be traveling to Romania to assist in a neutering campaign. Earlier this year our treasurer was awarded a £5000 grant from the Jean sainsbury animal welfare trust with the proviso that it was used to help combat the street dog problem in Romania at the root cause. They money will be spent in a village in Romania known for horrific levels of abuse. The cases that have come from this village historically include a dog hit in the head with an axe and another almost sliced in half with a sword. The public shelter in Braila is notoriously deadly and we will be teaming up with Romanian vet Rudi and Dog rescue Norway. The £5000 will pay to neuter over two hundred street dogs, thus preventing countless puppies being born into a world of suffering.

We will be assisting in operations and helping round up streets dogs and persuade owners to allow us to neuter their pets. We anticipate this to be a harrowing yet hugely rewarding experience. We will also visit the public shelter to see the suffering first hand and in contrast visit the private shelter where saved dogs live in better conditions awaiting an opportunity of a forever home.

There will be tears and laughter along the way but in addition to the prevention of future suffering our aim is also to highlight the plight of the dogs abroad and show people first hand the answer to the frequently asked question “ why help dogs from abroad?”

Our team are paying their own way on this trip and no charity funds will be spent on us getting there or being there. We would however like to raise funds to feed some of the street dogs whilst over there and buy the dogs in the shelter some extra treats so if people would like to donate to this the PayPal address to send to us

We will be photographing and filming throughout our trip and sharing our experiences with you all.