Walker is ‘Dog of the Week’

Walker is fostered in Norwich. He is a seven to nine year old medium sized crossbreed. We have taken Walker into our care from a public shelter in Romania where he has spent the last few years of his life incarcerated for the crime of being born on the streets of Romania. Walker has taken to domestic life in later life like a duck to water and is loving the new world around him. He is thrilled to at last have so much human interaction and is amazed by all that he’s discovering on walks after not leaving his pen for years. He is one of those cases where fosterers are wondering what he must be thinking about the changes in his life now. Does he think they are for keeps or does he fear that they will all be snatched away and he will return to the mundanity and deprivation of shelter life? Walker is living happily with other dogs at present, and also happily lives with cats. He has been fine during interactions with children too. He is a fit and healthy boy who still would like and deserves stimulating walks after all he’s missed out on for so long. It is a privilege for us as a rescue to be a stepping stone for this boy into his new life and any adopter will be privileged to welcome him into their family.

Our adoption fee is £250. They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless they are too young).

If you are interested please message or call between 9am and 6pm Tel 07899844524 Tel 07544596250 0821950 DOB 19 04.2010

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Foster Home Plea!


As a fosterer of rescue dogs for over twenty years I have continuously been frustrated by the struggle to recruit others. I get that people have other things going on in their lives and that they think they couldn’t bare the heartache of the constant goodbyes but there’s just got to be people out there that can do this that we haven’t reached yet.

I suppose the long and the short of it can be summarized in three words FOSTERING SAVES LIVES so when all is said and done nothing can be more important than that fact.

To me fostering isn’t about the goodbye and I have no issue with seeing a dog ride off to a better future knowing that I now have a space to save another with a horrible past. I’m not sorry to see them go, I don’t cry because this has always been my end goal and the prize I’ve had my eye on from the second the dog arrived here. It’s a buzz to hear back from happy adopters and see pictures of the dog being loved and having fun. There’s nothing in that scenario that saddens me it just makes me proud that I helped achieve that.

Safe rescue is a well oiled team that support each other and give their utmost to save dogs. Yes we have rules and regulations to protect the dogs in our care and the people that care for them. Some of those rules are pretty rigid and they’ve come about from years of experience learning from past mistakes. Fosterers do need to have a fully secure garden with fencing of five foot minimum. They also need to be home for a part of every day to monitor and spend time with the dog in their care. They also need to adhere to our strict slip lead usage rule. But aside from rules and safety they simply need to have a reasonable general knowledge of dogs and a genuine desire to help a species they love.

Fostering is a family affair, everyone in the household is involved and plays a part. What better way to teach children compassion and social awareness than for them to see a dog with a horrible past blossom in their home and then move on to save the next one? What better gift can you give a dog than its life?

Please consider fostering, we need you and the dogs need you. To find out more please do get in contact via Facebook or on 07899844524.

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Safe Rescue Fundraising Auction

Come along to bid on some great items and raise funds for Safe Rescue For Dogs. Items up for auction include jewellery, vintage and retro items, vouchers, branded dog goods, Norfolk made furniture and lots more! BBQ and refreshments on site. Payments can be made by cash, paypal or bank transfer on the day. All auction proceeds go to the charity and are not subject to VAT.

Eliza is ‘Dog of the Week’

Our dog of the week is the stunning Eliza, this girl could really do with being the only dog in her family and we’re hoping with your help we can find that for her. Please consider Eliza or give her a share, she’s a beautiful dog inside and out.

Eliza is fostered in Norfolk. She is a border collie cross of around six years old. She was found in a state of terror in a public shelter in Romania around three years ago and we were asked if we would take her, if rescuers could get her out.

Eliza is a beautiful looking dog and she’s come a long way from the terrified dog that hid in a corner trembling in that public shelter. She is quietly confident with most people she meets and develops an attachment to new people quite quickly. Eliza loves her walks and is a quiet and well behaved dog around the home.

Eliza had been adopted. She was in our care for a long time before getting adopted. Initially she did very well in her new home and blossomed. Sadly recently she has developed issues with the other two dogs in the household and the situation became unworkable. Her adopters were heartbroken but forced to return her to us.

We are now looking to rehome her as an only dog, she has lived successfully with cats in the past.

Our adoption fee is £250, they will be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered).

If you are interested please message or call us.

Tel 07788 251197 Tel 07899844524

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Why I foster……by Kelly Hare

 I’m looking around at all these dogs and they’re all snoring or stretching or sleeping peacefully and I see pics in my head of them back ‘there’. Back when they were when we first learnt about them and before we offered to help them. There’s not a single dog here that doesn’t have a remarkable story, that hasn’t been through some ordeal or lots of ordeals.

A long time ago I came to terms with the fact that not everyone likes me and not everybody agrees with what I do and I’m really ok with it because I KNOW that what I do is right and is worthwhile and i believe that everyone should fight their hardest for what they believe in. At almost every adoption I am asked how I do it and told that it must be heart breaking to let them go…… maybe I’m a robot because I do it with ease and it doesn’t break my heart to let any go. It does break my heart that there are dogs in their millions all around the world suffering and dying because there’s nobody to reach them and nobody to save them.

The dog in the pictures is Steve. We caught him on our trip. Tanya won his trust enough to approach her for food, Dalila drugged the food and then we followed his stumbling little body around a car park until we could corner and catch him. From that moment he was safe and he’d never been safe before even for a single second of his life. His mother was dumped in this car park with all her young pups. They were all scared of humans because probably none had ever been kind to them. We looked for others but they were well hidden from us and we left only with Steve. Since then his mother has been seen and one of his sisters was found dead on the road, the rest most probably perished on the fields or are still out there maybe old enough to procreate pups of their own and so the cruel cycle of life and death goes on and on…….. but not for Steve.

Steve’s just had a bath. His white fur is no longer grey with dust. He’s not had to go looking for food or go hungry since that day back in early April. He’s asleep on my lap wrapped in a towel. Every now and then he will look up at me, lick my arm and then go back to sleep. It’s a lovely moment, a lovely experience but I will have no problem passing the lovely boy over to a lovely new home. I won’t cry for him or miss him I will go back into my house after making sure he’s safely in their car and I’ll go and look after all the other Steve’s.

Fostering isn’t about the goodbye. Fostering is about the dog hiding under a crate in the shelter because if he comes out the other dogs will kill him. It’s about the puppy in a field that has only a short life of hardship ahead before he starves to death or gets killed by a car. It is about the terrified dog that is swinging on the end of the dog catchers pole that will be dumped injured into the public shelter where it will be lucky, or perhaps unlucky, to survive. It is about the dog that’s old now but has lived all its life on a short chain and is about to be killed cos it’s now too old to be a guard dog, and it’s about the dog that will then replace him on the end of that chain. Those are the dogs I will cry for and those are the dogs that our rescue and others will fight for no matter what the opposition because it’s the right thing to do.

Safe Rescue Coffee Morning

Saturday 27th July at Sprowston Pavillion, NR7 8EW

Interested in adopting a rescue dog?
Want to find out more about joining our foster team?
Can you spare some time to volunteer?
Come along to our coffee morning and have a chat with our volunteers, and meet some of our dogs waiting for their forever home.
And don’t forget, there will be tea, coffee and cake!

‘Meet the Rescues’ Afternoon

Some of Safe Rescue’s dogs will be attending the next ‘Meet the Rescue’ afternoon hosted by Gorleston ‘Doggy Diner’ on Sunday 30th June 2pm- 4pm.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please come and along and meet us.

Doggy Diner, Harbourmouth, Gorleston-on-Sea, NR31 6PL.

Bernie is ‘Dog of the Week’

Bernie is on the smaller side of a medium sized crossbreed who we believe to be around ten years old.

Bernie has had a sadly neglected life that is all too common a story to tell. Just another Romanian street dog captured by the dog catchers years ago and left forgotten in shelters for year after year. As his existence stretched on I’m sure he gave up hope of any kind of fulfillment years ago.

His time is now, as at last the light at the end of the tunnel has brought him to all the comfort and luxury of a foster home while we seek out a very special forever home for him. After years of noisy, filthy shelters all we ask for him is some peace, quiet and a family who will spoil him rotten in his twilight years. He is a quiet and unassuming boy who loves a fuss but will not push himself forward in a crowd for it. He lives happily with a cat and dog in his foster home. If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm
Tel 07788251197
Tel 07899844524


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Calling all Rescuers in UK & Romania: Please Read!

A couple of years ago a remarkable situation evolved in Romania where one weekend Cristina Blaj removed over 200 dogs from a shelter where they were due to be killed. What was incredible was that the pens for these dogs were being built as the dogs were being moved and what was achieved in that weekend was like something from DIY SOS, it really was amazing. Theses dogs became known to us all as the Mizil dogs and we have steadily taken as many as we possibly could into our rescue since then. Two years on and there are only around thirty of those dogs left on her property but their lives are now in danger again.

Cristina has been fighting the local authorities for some time but has lost three court cases and now must get down to a mere ten dogs on the property which she has more than aside from the Mizil gang. At any day now the authorities could turn up with the dog catchers and remove these already scared dogs from Cristina’s care and take them to a fate we can’t even bare to think about.

I cannot sit back and let it end this way for Cristina or those dogs without at least trying to help. We are looking for places of safety for these dogs and it needs to happen now. All of the Mizil dogs are wary of humans due to their experiences but all of them come good when they are in a one to one environment and with just a little effort we have had some truly special dogs through our doors. 

This story is too remarkable to not have a happy ending for each and every dog and if we can get a few rescues to step up and agree to help just one or two of them we can achieve it. Anyone in rescue can imagine the feeling of desolation for Cristina if these dogs get seized, imagine yourself in her shoes as those vans drive away and please find it in your heart to help just one dog xx

Dolly is dog of the week!

Dolly is a six year old wire haired terrier.
Dolly has been with us for a couple of years now and way back when she arrived she was quite the problem child! We had in fact withdrawn her from the adoption page and felt that her willful ways rendered her unadoptable so we made her a sponsor dog and kept her in our care indefinitely.
Recently Dolly’s situation has changed somewhat and we now feel that just maybe there’s better options out there for her. Dolly is an extremely loving little lap dog who is very devoted to her family and loves to gain all the attention she possibly can. A recent accident resulted in an irreparable fracture in her front leg and our only option was to amputate. Prior to this I’d already felt that Dolly was mellowing with age and had debated trying to find a better home for her but her accident has really left me feeling that she would like a less rowdy home environment particularly while she gains confidence in three legs. During her recent vet visits Dolly was handled by a veterinary nurse who really just shrugged off Dolly’s terrier determination and said her own was just like her.
So here it is cards laid bare…… her issue is she does not like being told it made to do things she doesn’t want to (who does?) and will snap if manhandled in those situations. So if for example you want her to get off the bed or sofa or go in another room or out for a wee and she’s not wanting to you would need to get a lead and put on her to make her do this rather than put your hands on her to move her. She definitely still needs to be made to do as she’s told and not get her own way but there’s just strategies needed to get the desired result. 99.9% of the time she’s just a delight but that other .1% needs to be acknowledged and understood. Dolly gets on well with other dogs but hates cats and small animals. She travels well in a car and loves her walks. So if you’ve had a terrier with attitude before maybe you could give her a chance? If you are interested please call or message us between 9am and 6pm.

Tel 07788 251197 or 07899844524

If you’ve had a terrier with attitude before maybe you could give her a chance?
Dolly is an extremely loving little lap dog who is very devoted to her family

Walker is ‘Dog of the Week’

Walker is fostered in Norwich. He is a seven to nine year old medium sized crossbreed. We have taken Walker into our care from a public shelter in Romania where he has spent the last few years of… Read More

Foster Home Plea!

❤️FOSTER HOMES PLEA❤️ As a fosterer of rescue dogs for over twenty years I have continuously been frustrated by the struggle to recruit others. I get that people have other things going on in their lives and that… Read More