Dogs for Adoption

We have many lovely dogs waiting for their forever home. All of these dogs are in the UK and are currently in foster homes. Please do take the time to look at our dogs who have always been overlooked.

Our adoption fee is on average £350, dependant on the dog. Sadly due to increases in import costs to get the dogs here since Brexit it is a decision we have been forced to make and we hope future adopters understand. It is now a far more complicated process but we are grateful that it is still possible even though it comes at a higher price.

Thank you as always for your continued support. The safe rescue team xx

The Forgotten Ones

These are the faces that nobody sees,
Pictures scrolled past, write ups nobody reads.
It’s true they’re not perfect, they’ve had odds to defy.
They have their faults, as do you…. As do I.

But I know these five faces, I see them each day.
I watch while they sleep and I watch while they play.
I see past their quirks, see the truths that they hide.
I knew them before, when their hope had died.

I saw them cower, I saw their fear
I watched them shrink when I got near.
I took the time to let them see
They didn’t need to fear humans, especially me.

And then they were ready to move along.
To meet the family that would take them on.
But nobody called or came to see….
Nobody wanted to take them from me……

Please, if you’re looking to adopt a dog in need
Take the time to look and the time to read.
If you’re not suited, that’s fair enough
But maybe you are, they just need to be loved.

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