When adopting a dog from Safe Rescue, you will be asked to sign a contract to state that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions.

  1. I agree that failure to comply with the terms and conditions will constitute breach of contract. In the event of a breach of contract, I will return the adopted animal to Safe Rescue and I authorise the charity to reclaim possession and ownership of the animal.
  2. I will ensure the adopted animal is neutered no later than _____________________
  3.  I will ensure the adopted animal wears an identification tag, attached to a properly fitted collar, at all times.
  4. I will seek veterinary advice and treatment if the adopted animal is ill or injured. Safe Rescue will not be responsible for any veterinary or medical fees incurred after the adoption date. Most pet rescues advise adopters to take out insurance.
  5. I understand that for 6 months after the adoption date, I may not authorise euthansia of the adopted animal without permission from Safe Rescue (except in an emergency)
  6. I will ensure the adopted animal is inoculated, wormed and treated for fleas at the intervals advised by a veterinarian.
  7. I will be responsible for keeping the adopted animal under control at all times. I will provide a secure fenced area for the animal and the animal will not be tied or chained.
  8. I agree to return the adopted animal to Safe Rescue if I can no longer keep it. I will notify Safe Rescue and return the adopted animal upon request. Safe Rescue will provide a rescue space within 14 days of being notified.
  9. I agree not to abuse or neglect the adopted animal and authorise Safe Rescue to determine whether an animal is abused or neglected.
  10. I agree to grant Safe Rescue representatives access to the adopted animal (immediately, on request)
  11. The dog will not be used for breeding purposes.
  12. If the dog is missing, I will notify the police, dog warden, Safe Rescue and the microchip company.
  13. I understand the adoption donation paid to Safe Rescue upon adoption of this animal is non-refundable.
  14. I understand that for the purpose of both common and statute law I shall be deemed the owner of the animal upon signing this contract. I agree to indemnify Safe Rescue and hold them harmless against claims by myself or any 3rd party in respect of any loss or damage howsoever caused by the adopted animal.


The slip lead form must be read and signed before the adoption form is completed.

I will ensure the adopted dog is wearing a properly fitted collar with an ID tag at all times.

  2. For at least ________ days, I will only let my newly adopted dog into the garden on a slip lead.
  3. The adopted dog will be supervised in the garden at all times.
  4. Even in the house, I will keep a trailing slip lead on my newly adopted dog for at least ________ days.
  5. I will always use a slip lead when walking the adopted dog.
  6. I will take my newly adopted dog straight home, without stopping, and will ensure the dog is secured properly in the car for the entire journey.
  7. I will not walk my newly adopted dog for at least ____________ (as advised by fosterer)
  8.  I will separate my newly adopted dog from other pets (and children) at feeding times until the adopted dog is settled.
  9. I will be aware of opening outside doors and windows through which the newly adopted dog may try to escape until the adopted dog is settled.
  10. I will be understanding of occasional ‘accidents’ in the house.
  11. I understand the newly adopted dog may not bond with me immediately.
  12. I will do everything within my control to ensure that the newly adopted dog does not escape.

I understand that if my newly adopted dog escapes because I have not followed this advice, then I will be liable for costs incurred by Safe Rescue in searching for, and catching the dog.

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