Adoption FAQs

Can I adopt if I live in a flat?

Yes we do consider applications from people who live in a flat. All applications are considered on a case by case basis. However, not all dogs are suited to living in flat, our team will advise you.

Can I adopt if I have young children?

Yes, we can consider application from families with children. This will be considered on a case by case basis. Not all of our dogs are suitable to be homed with children, our team will advise you.

I work full time, can I adopt?

We can not re-home a dog where the dog will be left for any considerable length of time. If there are arrangements that can be put in place to ensure the dog is cared for in your absence, we can take this into account. Please note, popping home at lunchtime does not count!

Will the dog get on with my cat?

We do have dogs in foster placements where the foster carer will have a cat. We are then able to state that the dog can live with a cat, this information will be included in the individual dogs description on our ‘dogs for adoption’ page. Occasionally we are able to ‘cat test’ but we can’t guarantee we will always be able to do this. It is not unusual for your cat to perhaps ‘sulk’ for a few days when introducing a dog to your household, and with careful introduction and training, most dogs can learn to live with cats. Please take advice from our team to find out if the dog you are interested in will be suitable to live with your cat.

Are there any risk of diseases?

No. There is no more of a risk associated with dogs from Romania than there are from dogs in the UK.

Why do I need to be home checked?

The home check is an important process and enables us to find out more about you. The main purpose of a home check is to assess that the home and garden are safe, and whether there is any probability of escape for a dog. You will asked some questions about your situation and experience. More information on the home check can be found here.

Will the dog be trained?

The dog will have been in a foster home, and so will have had some adjustment to the home environment and some basic training. This will include house-training, lead training and socialisation. However, please be aware that this is an ongoing process that will need to be continued after adoption, so please ensure that you are able to offer the time and commitment to continue with the dogs development. Our team will be able to offer help and advice, and will be able to tell you more about the progress the dog has made so far whilst in foster.

Do you re-home to older people?

Yes we do, we always match the dog with the person but age is not the defining factor for re-homing our dogs. We do have older dogs who are looking for nothing more than a quiet place on your sofa and would suit an older person with less mobility. We consider each application on a case by case basis. Our team can advise.

I live abroad, can I adopt?

Sorry we only re-home our dogs within the UK. We do not re-home abroad, including Ireland. There are many rescue organisations around the world, and would encourage you to find a charity in your country.

What can you tell me about the dogs?

For a lot of our dogs we have very little background. They have for the most part been found abandoned or wandering the streets, malnourished, injured or have been rescued from the municipal pound or kill shelters. But because of our policy to put our dogs into foster first before adoption, we can therefore give you some information about the nature and character of the dog.

What is the adoption donation fee?

From May 1st 2024 we will be raising our adoption donation from £350 to £380. This is not a purchase price, this is a donation that helps the charity to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs that need our help. This is non-refundable.

What support is offered after adoption?

We feel it is important to offer our adopting families support should this be required. We promote responsible rescue and re-homing which includes rescue back up for life and we are always on the other end of the phone should you need advice, support or any other help to ensure everyone is happy and enjoying life together. We prefer that families contact us when there are issues so that we can offer the right support.

What if my circumstances change and I can not keep the dog?

Should circumstances change for you and you are no longer able to keep your dog we will take him/her back and re-home them for you. It is part of the contract you sign with us that the dog has to come back to Safe Rescue. Under no circumstances must a dog be sold on, or given to a 3rd party.

What health checks do your dogs have?

Before leaving Romania, our dogs are tested for heartworm, parvo and distemper. They also have a routine blood test to check for any other problems. They then have the same vaccinations as given to an 8 week old puppy (although this is not a legal requirement for a pet passport) and are vaccinated against rabies (which is a legal requirement)

What if there are other people interested in the same dog?

Some dogs attract a lot of interest and may have many enquiries. We do not operate a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We look for the best home possible to suit the dogs needs. Only applicants who have passed a home check can adopt, so we would advise that getting a home check completed be the first priority. We have many other lovely dogs looking for homes, and some sadly do not generate any interest. Please consider another dog if your first choice is already adopted.

Why do you insist on using a slip lead?

Agreeing to use a slip lead forms part of our adoption contract. If fitted correctly, it is the best way to keep your dog safe if something scares it and it panics and tries to get away. Our foster carers always train dogs to a slip lead as these are the most impossible to escape from. We have seen so many dogs be able to back out of a harness, or wriggle free, and without the added security of a slip lead, the dog is able to run off. However, a harness (together with a slip lead) is perfectly acceptable. Do not underestimate the dog! They can be very quick.

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