On the fifth day of Christmas Safe rescue presents to you…… IKE


Ike has been with us for such a long time now and we’re a little bit in stalemate with him.

Ike was a long term resident of the Botosani public shelter in Romania. When he came to us he had never been touched by a human hand and didn’t have any intention of ever being at that time! It took several weeks to befriend him and lead training was….. let’s just say traumatic for him and me! Fortunately Ike’s inherent personality is one of curiosity and cheekiness and this us what eventually carried us forward to progress to how he is presently.

The stage we are at with him is that he LOVES his walks and will run happily off lead with his friends and stay with us. He still hesitates at having the lead put off and on and he still will avoid being touched if he can get away with it but certainly not with the same panic, fear and desperation that he arrived with.

The biggest asset about Ike that I can not utilise here is his love of food. For treats he will be bolder and will learn to appreciate and love people much faster but unfortunately bringing out the high value treats in a multi dog household will only cause a riot and benefit nobody!

The six week block foster program will benefit Ike hugely. He does have an adoption album and can go to someone who is prepared to put this work in but if we can get him further down the rehabilitation track we can edit that album and he will have many more options of homes.

Ike is good with other dogs and needs a dog savvy placement with no young children. He looks like a Bassett hound gone wrong and is very cute and stocky.

Update: Ike is no longer available for adoption but please have a look at our current Dogs for Adoption.

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