Bethany is in the national press and we are hugely grateful for the coverage.

However there are just two of us answering calls and another two on emails and with the best will in the world we are not going to be able to respond to every single enquiry.

Going forward we will only be homechecking applicants who are willing to take other dogs as there is a lot of man power and time involved in the homecheck process and we only have one Bethany (and a Carolina).

Please look at our other dogs waiting to be adopted, every dog deserves a loving home.

You can support us in many ways:

  • by sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • by donating
  • fundraising for us, through work or school

Thankyou again for all your continued support we certainly did not anticipate this much interest in our wonky pups as wonky dogs is pretty much what we do!

This is Bethany’s sister, Carolina, who is also looking for a forever home.

Bethany’s sister, Lulu, happy in her new home.
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