On the fourth day of Christmas Safe rescue presents to you….. PAISLEY


Paisley was another long term inmate of the notorious Botosani public shelter in Romania. She too had not been touched by humans before her arrival to us. She has learnt a lot in the months she has been with us but again would benefit from the six weeks block foster program to help combat just a bit more of her shyness to make her rehoming options a little more open.

Paisley is a friendly girl now with those she knows well. She’s still a little jumpy and nervous in certain circumstances but overall she’s doing her best to be brave. Paisley will not approach us and ask for a fuss but she will not back away or reject a fuss when we approach her. Paisley enjoys her walks and it would really help her to go somewhere that she could have a couple of walks a day so that she gets more regular interaction.

Paisley gets on well with most other dogs but I don’t think she essentially needs one in her home environment.

We will of course consider a forever home for her too but if you don’t have the stability in your life to commit to the next six years with her perhaps you could consider caring for her for just six weeks. Six weeks to show her another human that’s kind. Six weeks to take her out and about and show her nobody is hurting her any more. Six weeks of trust building and confidence gaining that will set her up as a stronger adoption possibility to a wider range of homes.

Update: Pailsey is no longer available for adoption but please have a look at our current Dogs for Adoption.

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