On the second day of Christmas safe rescue presents to you….. VIGOR


Quite possibly the most inaccurately named dog ever! There is nothing rigorous about this boy except perhaps his tail wagging at food time!

Vigor was an overlooked, long stay dog at the Radauti shelter in Romania. A story that could be told of countless dogs in a country where the majority of people simply don’t care.

Vigor has learnt to get through life without human contact and affection and he doesn’t understand the need for it. He has been here several months now but us in a very multi dog household and just isn’t thriving or reaching his full potential. The main loves of Vigor’s life are food and the sofa and I’m really not sure which he would pinpoint as the favourite of the two if he could be asked!

Vigor has a couple of nicknames currently… Victor Meldrew and Eeyore…. if he is moved away from the sofa for a walk he will go grudgingly and he will follow us with a face like a smacked backside until he is allowed to get back on his sofa again. I guess living in filthy shelters with damp urine soaked hay for bedding if you’re lucky just makes you appreciate home comforts to the full.

So basically we’re looking for someone to take over the care of Vigor for a six week period to see if we can change his outlook on life and cheer him up. There’s more he could get out of life if he would embrace new experiences and we just want him to be the happiest he can possibly be! We would of course consider a forever home for him too but as nobody has ever called up about him we feel a new foster experience could help bring him into a more adoptable level of interaction thus making him more appealing to potential new families.

Update: Vigor is no longer available for adoption but please have a look at our current Dogs for Adoption.

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