The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas

Every year we theme posts of our twelve dogs of Christmas on the lead up to the big day. This year we will feature twelve dogs that would really benefit from new foster placements in the new year. We are asking people to consider fostering some of our shyer dogs for a block period of six weeks to offer them the one to one attention they need to improve their confidence and make them a far easier rehoming prospect to a wider audience of potential homes.

Many of our dogs arrive having never been touched by humans. We continue to remain passionately dedicated to helping dogs that have never had good experiences with people. The most abused, deepest traumatised and least trusting. Teaching them to trust humans and put the cruelty of their pasts behind them. Our current fosterers are extremely talented at winning these dogs trust but it would be hugely beneficial to us to have a kind of “halfway house” system where these dogs can further their training by living alongside new people and gaining new experiences thus teaching them that the kindness profered in their new lives extends to other people and in fact all people now. From experience we have learned that this system works amazingly well and we are hoping that having a six week commitment period will mean people can pre plan and it won’t seem such a daunting prospect with an unknown end date.

The dogs that we will be showing you will have been in UK foster with us for several weeks or months already. They will be lead trained and house trained and well on their way to being ready for adoption. They will possibly be a little hand shy or hesitant about strangers approach but they will have learnt to trust the humans they live with already so they know the basics. They simply need regular interaction, positive experiences and a lot of love and patience. At the end of the six weeks the fosterer can choose to continue fostering the dog or return him or her to the previous fosterer a lot more confident and ready for a new home!

So everyday we will introduce you to a new dog, tell you the story of their past and explain what stage of progress they are currently at and what kind of foster home they need.

If you can help then you can call us for a chat.

If you can’t help then you can share and help us find those who can.

Fosterers continue to be like gold dust. They are our most valued and treasured resource. They are our friends and our rescue family but there’s never enough of us to bring to the table.

Please consider making 2020 the year you make a difference, the year you join our team, the year you become a major part of saving a life!

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