On the first day of Christmas safe rescue presents to you….. KENZY


Kenzy’s is a story of many wasted years. She was a prisoner in the notorious Botosani public shelter in Romania for at least eight long years. This shelter has a dark history. On the 11th of May 2011 over 200 dogs were brutally massacred and the macabre scene that awaited volunteers the following morning would bring about a public outcry that drew attention from all over the world. Since that fateful day many rescuers have worked tirelessly to prevent that terrible history from ever being repeated. It is the volunteers that clean cages, feed and arrange adoptions and without them every dog in the state run shelter would perish. Even with their love and dedication it is still nothing more than a prison for over 700 dogs whose only crime was to be born on the streets or abandoned to them by feckless owners.

Kenzy remained overlooked for such a long time. She was known as a yellow eartag dog and these were the dogs that had been at the shelter for the longest time. Over time all of the yellow eartag dogs either got adopted or sadly died never to get the chance of freedom, until there were just two left. Kenzy and Castel, and we took them both in September this year.

Kenzy is understandably wary of people and will stay out of the way of people as much as she can. It takes time to undo a lifetime of learning that keeping out of reach of humans is the safest way to live but she’s getting there. She is enjoying her walks now and very happy to be around the home but to bring her forward in her development we really need a more one to one environment for her where she can receive more regular interaction with people who are intent on showing her love and kindness.

We will of course consider a forever home for her too but if you don’t have the stability in your life to commit to the next six years with her perhaps you could consider caring for her for just six weeks. Six weeks to show her another human that’s kind. Six weeks to take her out and about and show her nobody is hurting her any more. Six weeks of trust building and confidence gaining that will set her up as a stronger adoption possibility to a wider range of homes.

Update: Kenzy is no longer available for adoption but please have a look at our current Dogs for Adoption.

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