Danny is ‘Dog of the Week’

Danny is a nine year old medium sized chocolate lab/ collie cross.

Danny has spent an absolutely heartbreaking six years of his life in the Botisani public shelter in Romania. He went in that place a fairly young dog and has recently come out as an old boy with failing eyesight. If this fact alone is not sad enough around his neck he bears a scar where rope or wire once cut deeply into his neck. It’s blatantly obvious this dog has never known any good way of living.

Yet, as is often the case, he has entered his foster home with a wagging tail and a whole lot of love to give. He mastered lead training on his very first walk and is even perfectly behaved off lead. Maybe he doesn’t have all the time in the world left to be compensated for the misery he’s known but we can endeavor to give it our very best shot. shot. Danny was recently adopted from us and we thought he’d got his happy ever after. Sadly Danny couldn’t get on with the resident cat and he has had to be returned to us. With this in mind we can’t re home Danny to a family with cat/cats.

If anyone can give this smiley happy old boy a pampered and spoilt retirement home we implore you to get in touch. If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm

Tel 07788251197
Tel 07899844524
Danny, 0330776
DOB 01/03/2010

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