Foster Home Plea!


As a fosterer of rescue dogs for over twenty years I have continuously been frustrated by the struggle to recruit others. I get that people have other things going on in their lives and that they think they couldn’t bare the heartache of the constant goodbyes but there’s just got to be people out there that can do this that we haven’t reached yet.

I suppose the long and the short of it can be summarized in three words FOSTERING SAVES LIVES so when all is said and done nothing can be more important than that fact.

To me fostering isn’t about the goodbye and I have no issue with seeing a dog ride off to a better future knowing that I now have a space to save another with a horrible past. I’m not sorry to see them go, I don’t cry because this has always been my end goal and the prize I’ve had my eye on from the second the dog arrived here. It’s a buzz to hear back from happy adopters and see pictures of the dog being loved and having fun. There’s nothing in that scenario that saddens me it just makes me proud that I helped achieve that.

Safe rescue is a well oiled team that support each other and give their utmost to save dogs. Yes we have rules and regulations to protect the dogs in our care and the people that care for them. Some of those rules are pretty rigid and they’ve come about from years of experience learning from past mistakes. Fosterers do need to have a fully secure garden with fencing of five foot minimum. They also need to be home for a part of every day to monitor and spend time with the dog in their care. They also need to adhere to our strict slip lead usage rule. But aside from rules and safety they simply need to have a reasonable general knowledge of dogs and a genuine desire to help a species they love.

Fostering is a family affair, everyone in the household is involved and plays a part. What better way to teach children compassion and social awareness than for them to see a dog with a horrible past blossom in their home and then move on to save the next one? What better gift can you give a dog than its life?

Please consider fostering, we need you and the dogs need you. To find out more please do get in contact via Facebook or on 07899844524.

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