Eliza is ‘Dog of the Week’

Our dog of the week is the stunning Eliza, this girl could really do with being the only dog in her family and we’re hoping with your help we can find that for her. Please consider Eliza or give her a share, she’s a beautiful dog inside and out.

Eliza is fostered in Norfolk. She is a border collie cross of around six years old. She was found in a state of terror in a public shelter in Romania around three years ago and we were asked if we would take her, if rescuers could get her out.

Eliza is a beautiful looking dog and she’s come a long way from the terrified dog that hid in a corner trembling in that public shelter. She is quietly confident with most people she meets and develops an attachment to new people quite quickly. Eliza loves her walks and is a quiet and well behaved dog around the home.

Eliza had been adopted. She was in our care for a long time before getting adopted. Initially she did very well in her new home and blossomed. Sadly recently she has developed issues with the other two dogs in the household and the situation became unworkable. Her adopters were heartbroken but forced to return her to us.

We are now looking to rehome her as an only dog, she has lived successfully with cats in the past.

Our adoption fee is £250, they will be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered).

If you are interested please message or call us.

Tel 07788 251197 Tel 07899844524

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