Bernie is ‘Dog of the Week’

Bernie is on the smaller side of a medium sized crossbreed who we believe to be around ten years old.

Bernie has had a sadly neglected life that is all too common a story to tell. Just another Romanian street dog captured by the dog catchers years ago and left forgotten in shelters for year after year. As his existence stretched on I’m sure he gave up hope of any kind of fulfillment years ago.

His time is now, as at last the light at the end of the tunnel has brought him to all the comfort and luxury of a foster home while we seek out a very special forever home for him. After years of noisy, filthy shelters all we ask for him is some peace, quiet and a family who will spoil him rotten in his twilight years. He is a quiet and unassuming boy who loves a fuss but will not push himself forward in a crowd for it. He lives happily with a cat and dog in his foster home. If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm
Tel 07788251197
Tel 07899844524


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