Calling all Rescuers in UK & Romania: Please Read!

A couple of years ago a remarkable situation evolved in Romania where one weekend Cristina Blaj removed over 200 dogs from a shelter where they were due to be killed. What was incredible was that the pens for these dogs were being built as the dogs were being moved and what was achieved in that weekend was like something from DIY SOS, it really was amazing. Theses dogs became known to us all as the Mizil dogs and we have steadily taken as many as we possibly could into our rescue since then. Two years on and there are only around thirty of those dogs left on her property but their lives are now in danger again.

Cristina has been fighting the local authorities for some time but has lost three court cases and now must get down to a mere ten dogs on the property which she has more than aside from the Mizil gang. At any day now the authorities could turn up with the dog catchers and remove these already scared dogs from Cristina’s care and take them to a fate we can’t even bare to think about.

I cannot sit back and let it end this way for Cristina or those dogs without at least trying to help. We are looking for places of safety for these dogs and it needs to happen now. All of the Mizil dogs are wary of humans due to their experiences but all of them come good when they are in a one to one environment and with just a little effort we have had some truly special dogs through our doors. 

This story is too remarkable to not have a happy ending for each and every dog and if we can get a few rescues to step up and agree to help just one or two of them we can achieve it. Anyone in rescue can imagine the feeling of desolation for Cristina if these dogs get seized, imagine yourself in her shoes as those vans drive away and please find it in your heart to help just one dog xx

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