Hal is dog of the week!

Over a year has passed since Hal came into our care and he still waits. Hal is a shy boy and this is likely why he hasn’t been chosen. The right caring and patient family is out there for him, we just hope he doesn’t have to wait too much longer 

Hal is fostered in Thetford. He is a wirey haired lurcher cross of around three years old.

Hal was first brought to our attention when we were shown a video of him in a public shelter in Romania. He was running from corner to corner, pitifully scared of everything and everyone in there. He arrived here with us still scared but soon learnt how to be more confident and enjoy himself.

He is still wary of strangers and needs an experienced and patient adopter who will continue to teach him about the kindness humans can offer. Hal needs a home with at least one other dog to play with that will teach him some confidence and continue to show him how to enjoy life. If you are interested please call or message us between 9am and 6pm 

Tel 07788 251197 
Tel 07899844524 
Hal,0092099 DOB 01/01/15

Find out more about Hal

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