Mica is Dog of the Week!

Mica is a three year old medium sized crossbreed.
Her story is sadly a common one to tell. She was first spotted in a village in Romania when she was less than a year old. She was abused and persecuted by villagers which made her difficult for people who wanted to get her to safety to catch her. She had a litter of pups every season, most died and rescuers would take the survivors of each littler when they were old enough to find new homes. For over a year she evaded capture but finally she was caught and has been waiting in a private shelter ever since for a chance of a home.
Mica is the sweetest most loving dog I have in my care. She is initially wary of men and I’m pretty sure the fact that she has teeth missing on one side of her face could well be the root cause of those fears 🙁 She is sweet and gentle with me and now learning how to live in a home. Lead training is on going as she does ask for a reassuring hug every three to four steps at the moment 😉 Mica mixes well with the other dogs here though does not put up with any nonsense and I think she would be just as happy or happier as an only dog. 
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