Atom is Dog of the Week

Atom is Dog of the Week!

Atom is a large crossbreed dog, fostered in Norfolk. He looks like he has some kind of mountain dog in him. His passport states him to be eight years old but we feel he could be a little younger and estimate closer to six.

Atom has wasted the last couple of years waiting to be saved from the Radauti shelter in Romania. He has emerged miraculously unaffected by this ordeal and is just delighted at recent dramatic changes in his life.

Atom is a super friendly boy who appears totally unaware of how big he is. Efforts are being taken in his foster home to teach him not to not jump up but he certainly is not suitable for anyone in any way fragile! He just loves other dogs and lives happily in a multi dog household. He is very food orientated so training is made that bit easier. Lead training is also ongoing, he pulls like a train with slip lead but has made great progress with the addition of a Halti collar.

He is an adorable big bear, very loving and cuddly. You cannot help but love this overgrown fool, what he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in love and enthusiasm!

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