Romania Neutering Campaign

On April 3rd a group of the safe rescue team will be traveling to Romania to assist in a neutering campaign. Earlier this year our treasurer was awarded a £5000 grant from the Jean sainsbury animal welfare trust with the proviso that it was used to help combat the street dog problem in Romania at the root cause. They money will be spent in a village in Romania known for horrific levels of abuse. The cases that have come from this village historically include a dog hit in the head with an axe and another almost sliced in half with a sword. The public shelter in Braila is notoriously deadly and we will be teaming up with Romanian vet Rudi and Dog rescue Norway. The £5000 will pay to neuter over two hundred street dogs, thus preventing countless puppies being born into a world of suffering.

We will be assisting in operations and helping round up streets dogs and persuade owners to allow us to neuter their pets. We anticipate this to be a harrowing yet hugely rewarding experience. We will also visit the public shelter to see the suffering first hand and in contrast visit the private shelter where saved dogs live in better conditions awaiting an opportunity of a forever home.

There will be tears and laughter along the way but in addition to the prevention of future suffering our aim is also to highlight the plight of the dogs abroad and show people first hand the answer to the frequently asked question “ why help dogs from abroad?”

Our team are paying their own way on this trip and no charity funds will be spent on us getting there or being there. We would however like to raise funds to feed some of the street dogs whilst over there and buy the dogs in the shelter some extra treats so if people would like to donate to this the PayPal address to send to us

We will be photographing and filming throughout our trip and sharing our experiences with you all.

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